Want to place an order?

A. Simply order online – search our database or let us present you with suggestions and then click Place Order from the Product Detail page.


B. E-mail Customer Service or Call 678-682-3183 and let us help you.  We will work with you to complete an order form with the item number, quantity, color(s), imprint color(s) and in-hands date.

What about artwork/logos?

Please email your artwork to and include your order number in the subject line. 

These usually work fine:

Digital Files:

1. Adobe Illustrator files (vector art) in an EPS format.
2. Adobe Photoshop files in EPS or TIF format in a 300 to 600 resolution.
3. If you know your fonts please provide them.

B & W Printouts:

1. 300 dpi resolution at actual imprint size.
2. Please make sure the art is crisp and clear.

This might work:

1. Microsoft Word / PowerPoint / Corel Draw / Freehand or any other professional design program file for PC or MAC
2. Please make sure that you have included any placed images.

This almost never works:

1. JPEG / GIF / Bitmap images that you have dragged off of a website or someone else has given you in a low-resolution format.
2. We usually have to recreate these logos from scratch which may incur artwork charges.
What if I cannot get the artwork in the correct format?

We will do everything we can to make sure that your order is not held up because of artwork problems. Often times we will recreate your logo with no charge. However, if your artwork is complex or we have difficulty reproducing it, we may have to charge you a small art charge based on the time spent fixing it. Typically we charge $20.00 per logo.

What happens next?

Actual Proofs for You to Review
At PromoURLogo we want to ensure that your logo or artwork has the quality that you expect and that you would be proud to demonstrate to your customers. To ensure that this occurs, our staff will deliver a sample for you to proof, or we may send a sample on-line when possible to expedite the program .

For normal orders this can take 1-4 days, for RUSH orders proofs are critical and will be e-mailed within hours of placing your order.  Production will begin as soon as we receive your approval.  We will let you know the standard production time on the item(s) you have ordered.

How will you get it?

Once production is complete your order will be shipped via Ground service, unless you specify otherwise.  If you have a firm in-hand date we will make sure you get it then!

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